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ASTC Benefits

There are many benefits of being an ASTC Member! By joining, you are entitled to a range of benefits and services to support you, your practice, and the profession as a whole through a variety of opportunities to learn about the trial consulting profession. Some of the benefits include:

The Annual Conference.  Each year the conference provides training programs and seminars in which members share experiences, discuss research and explore developments in the field. It is a unique opportunity to meet colleagues and build professional relationships. 

Court Call. Court Call is an ASTC monthly e-newsletter distributed to members.

Members Only Website. ASTC’s Members Only website allows access to up-to-date information on membership and events. In addition, you can post job announcements and internships, access the online library, get information from our blogs, and register for annual conferences. A feature of this site is the periodically updated "Member News" section.

ASTCNet. The ASTCNet is an interactive listserv tool whereby members communicate on a variety of professional topics.

Webinars.Webinars are provided regularly, free of charge for members. Experts in a variety of areas share valuable information to help members expand their practice, grow their business, and improve their skills. In addition, members may watch previously recorded webinars on demand.

The ASTC Online Directory.  (“The Consultant Locator”).  The ASTC Online Directory lists members' contact information geographically and by firm. In addition to contact information, members' consulting, teaching, and research services are listed, to help potential clients find a consultant to meet their needs.

Professional Code. All members of ASTC subscribe to the organization's Professional Code and may advertise that fact to potential clients. Note that only current ASTC members may claim membership in their communications or marketing materials.

Job Listings & Internships Forum. Members can post when they are hiring for jobs or internships. These postings are visible only to members, and members can subscribe to the forum to be notified whenever a new position or internship is added.

Available/Looking for Contract Work Forum. Members can let other members know when they need assistance with a particular project or in general, and members can post if they are available to work on a contract basis for other members. Posters can attach a document to their post, such as a CV. As with the previous forum, members can subscribe to this forum to be notified of new posts.

Member Forum. We have also added a general members forum to the Members website. Members can post the same type of information and questions they currently post to the listserv, and the listserv will gradually be migrated over to the forum. As above, members can subscribe to the forum. Members can choose whether to receive any forum notifications in real time, daily or weekly.

ASTC NEWSHOUND. On the Members Forum, the ASTC Newshound curates and posts news items weekly that are of interest to our membership. In addition, members can comment on the news item, exchange ideas about it, and offer additional insights.

    Regional Meetings: ASTC organizes periodic regional meetings for members in certain geographical areas can meet, network, and learn. In 2019, we held regional meetings in New York City, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 2020, we held virtual regional meetings in those cities and more, all across the country. In the future, meetings will be held both virtually and in person, and will be organized around particular practice areas, in addition to geographical areas.

    Member Forums: ASTC provides forums for job listings, advertising availability or hiring for contract work, and a member forum. These are accessible to members only.

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