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The Jury Expert is the publication of the ASTC. Each issue delivers perspectives and research related to the Art and Science of Litigation Advocacy.

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A Necessary Evil: Edward Tufte and Making the Best of PowerPoint
by Jason Barnes & Brian Patterson

When Your Life is on the Line, Be a Victim, Not a Hero
by Kurt Gray & Chelsea Schein with comments from Julie Blackman, Beth Foley & Kathy Kellermann

Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, Crazy: Questions about Mental Health for Supplemental Juror Questionnaires
by Diane Wiley

Generation X members are "active, balanced and happy." Seriously?
by Doug Keene & Rita Handrich

Things To Know About Being Interviewed on TV
by Elaine Lewis

The Jury Expert Favorite Thing for November, 2011

Book Review: Evaluation for Personal Injury Claims
by Wendy Saxon

Using Online Surveys to Conduct Jury Research
by Brian Edelman