President's Page 


Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants! We are a diverse organization of professionals working with trial lawyers to improve the adversarial process. The ASTC is in its 33rd year as a professional society and many of our founding members are still active in the Society. Our profession is at least 50 years old, dating back to the Vietnam War era when concerned social scientists applied their knowledge and skill to what they saw as social injustice. Over the years, our members have continued to use their talents in support of important social issues when they end up in the legal system. Of course, we are a much broader organization as well. Many of the most successful and influential corporations in the world routinely engage trial consultants on their most important litigation. We span the field from criminal to civil litigation, from the most obscure pro bono case to the most complex patent litigation. It is fair to say that on any given day, a trial consultant is in a courtroom somewhere in America.

Our membership has expanded from the early days when members focused mainly on jury research, jury selection and trial strategy. Today, our members include experts in visual evidence, trial technology, witness preparation, and alternative dispute resolution, as well as other professionals who work as team members, providing critical services to fellow members in these areas. Our members also routinely provide expert testimony in courts on issues such as change of venue questions. We also carry a strong commitment to teaching trial advocacy in conjunction with law schools, bar and legal profession associations, and private law firms. 

The ASTC membership includes the most talented and experienced trial consultants in the country. Membership means that a consultant is more than just dedicated to providing high quality services. It means that the consultant is also interested in advancing the profession and preserving, protecting, and improving the jury system. Our members believe that the jury system is a critical component in our great democratic experiment that is America. 

The ASTC, as an organization, is currently working to embrace and engage in the rapidly evolving technological frontier facing all of us today. This web site is brand new and is the result of the hard work of a lot of dedicated people, some paid and many volunteer. We are working to improve methods of member communication and channels of ongoing professional education. Our pro bono committee is developing a regionalized referral and collaboration system to better connect our members to people in need of our services on a pro bono basis. And, we are working to improve outreach to our clientele. Our Deliberations Blog is coming back online and our external publication, The Jury Expert, is stronger than ever, with readership growing on every issue. These are just a few of the things we are working on in the Society. Please explore our web site to find out more. 

I am very proud to represent an organization that has given so much to me both personally and professionally. But, it is a great honor to serve as President in an organization with people who have changed the face of justice in America. Some say that trial by jury is dying in America. Our members will fight hard to make sure that never happens.

Doug Green

President, American Society of Trial Consultants

August 2013