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The ASTC is the only professional organization for trial and litigation consultants. Members agree to follow approved standards of practice that have been developed over the 30-plus year history of the organization.

Whether you’re a member or you’re here to learn more about trial consulting or to find out more about ASTC and our member benefits, we welcome you!

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The 2016 Conference Committee would like to thank all those who attended the conference. A special thanks goes out to our speakers, donors, vendors, and students who participated in the poster competition.

The conference began on a strong note with two innovative pre-conference workshops. Steve Susman delivered an inspiring keynote presentation. The workshops that followed over the next two days put a premium on applied trial consulting knowledge. Each speaker was challenged to offer a presentation that taught practical trial consulting skills. All of the speakers met and exceeded this challenge.

In the days to come, we will make available speakers’ PowerPoint presentations. Keep an eye on the ASTC website for more information.

Part of our agreement with Res Ipsa Litigation Support was the production DVDs for each of the conference workshops. You should also keep an eye on the ASTC website for more information about how you can access the workshop DVDs.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who came to the conference and we would also like to encourage everyone to avail yourself of the speaker papers and workshop DVDs.

We will see you in Chicago for the 2017 Annual American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc. Conference!

November / December 2016

America is a great country.  We have the right (and responsibility) to vote for our public officers; we have the right to a trial; we have the right to a jury of our peers for both criminal and civil matters.  This is never more apparent than now—during the presidential election time.  Every four years (and in any year for the parent of middle-schooler taking the mandatory Constitution test) we reflect on what it means to have our Constitutional privileges and opportunities.  They are bedrock of what makes our great country. 

Members of ASTC have the opportunity to be involved and shape how some of these privileges are implemented and impact American citizens.  We do this in our practices and in a different way as a Society.  ASTC is currently on the forefront of research identifying opinions about these rights and suggesting action accordingly.  As a Society we play a unique and important role in our justice system.  Be an active ASTC member and realize the collective significance with us.  

Patty Kuehn


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