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Welcome to the American Society of Trial Consultants, Inc.

Enhancing Trial Advocacy Nationwide

The ASTC is the only professional organization for trial and litigation consultants. Members agree to follow approved standards of practice that have been developed over the 30-plus year history of the organization.

Whether you’re a member or you’re here to learn more about trial consulting or to find out more about ASTC and our member benefits, we welcome you!

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March 2017

Spring season is upon us. The weather is getting better; baseball players are pulling out their bats; and ASTC is warming up for the conference. Registration for the All Star Conference in the Chicago area has just opened and will surely be a home run this year.

ASTC members are heavy hitters in the industry. We are currently involved in providing research and collaboration to preserve the 7th Amendment—our right to a civil jury trial—with NYU Civil Jury Project. We guide those new to the industry and educate our colleagues to advance the profession as a whole. We actively seek to give back to the legal community through our Pro Bono Initiative. Check out ASTC’s stats and join our winning team.

Patty Kuehn, President of ASTC

Please join us for the 36th Annual ASTC Conference.

Not Receiving ASTC emails and/or ASTC Grams?
It has come to our attention that some members may not have received some ASTC communications due to the information automatically being directed differently than you wish, such as to “junk.” Please check your Junk/Spam/Clutter inboxes for emails sent from ASTCoffice@astcweb.org.  Please be sure to label emails from ASTCoffice@astcweb.org as legitimate information - not junk.  To ensure that you receive all ASTC communications in your inbox, you should whitelist the sending email address, essentially marking it as safe in your email client. This will also prevent emails from automatically going to your Spam or “Junk” folder.

Adding “ASTC Office” to your Whitelst:
Each mail client has a different process for adding a sender to your safe list. Below is a link to instructions on how to whitelist ASTC emails and ensure images display correctly. Please note, if you have subscribed to ASTC using your work or school email address, you may need to request additional assistance from your IT department to add it to the organization’s whitelist.

Instructions on How to Whitelist Emails
If you registered and provided a personal email address, but have not been receiving ASTC Grams, Court Call newsletter, or other ASTC communications and delivery has suddenly stopped, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be filtering your email automatically. If you suspect that your ISP is filtering mail that you do want to receive, you should visit your ISP’s support web site and look for their SPAM policy.

You may be able to:
1. Opt out of the filtering
2. Whitelist certain senders manually
3. Report a specific problem through a contact form

If you can’t find any of these options, contact your ISP via email or phone. Ask them if a server-side spam filter may be catching this wanted piece of mail, and request that the @astcweb.org domain be whitelisted.

We want to ensure that all ASTC Members are receiving information from the ASTC Office. (Contact: Destiny Nance-Evans

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